A Theory of Everything

A Theory of Everything is now available at amazon.com:



What you might find in A Theory of Everything:

· a novel about a glass of water

· ribbons spun from the bellies of worms

· the human/alien marriage ceremony

· tiny grains and seed

· a lady with a pink parasol

· the body-juice of bees

· a careless abundance of orange

· the child in me who knows what she eats

· Newton’s cradle

· the endlessness of being

·a speckled bird




What people are saying about A Theory of Everything:


“A Theory of Everything is deeply original, magical, and weird in a good way, as we used to say back in grade school…. Like a mesmerizing sky.”

~ Naomi Shihab Nye


“After Darwin, after string theory, Hill grapples with the question of what it means—what it really means—that we are all interconnected, and does so in the midst of all the crude and delicate intimacies of daily life.”

~ Mary Szybist